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Tour 71 - From Prague to Vienna with 2 hours sightseeing stops in Durnstein and Melk (total 4 hours sightseeing included)

This sightseeing transfer is perfect for people who want to see more of Austria on their way from Prague to Vienna. Stopping in Durnstein and in Melk will also allow you to split your 4-hour trip into three shorter ones.

Located one hour away from Vienna, Durnstein sits along the Danube and is a part of the protected Wachau vallet. Its proximity to Vienna makes it the perfect choice for tourists looking for day trips close to the Austrian capital. Besides being filled with colorful houses and beautiful taverns, Durnstein has plenty to do and to see. Since it is a winemaking region, Durnstein is also the perfect little town to sit down and relax with a glass of wine.

The 2-hour stop offers the perfect amount of time to try one of Durnstein's many wines or to visit a few points of interest located around town, such as the Sift Durnstein, the monastery with the iconic blue tower, or the ruins of the Kuernriger Castle.

Melk is another quaint little town by the Danube and located in the Wachau Valley. This town is famous for its Benedictine Abbey, which dates back to the 18th century in its current version (actually, the Abbey's history can be traced back all the way to the 11th century). Melk's Old Town offers tourists a beautiful stroll along its narrow streets as well as several restaurants, cafes and gift shops. Your 3-hour stop will allow you to see most of the city itself and the Melk Abbey. Should the alotted time not be enough, we can extend the stop in Melk for a little extra.

During both stops passengers are free to explore Durnstein and Melk on their own while their bags are safely kept in the car. If you desire an extension of the allotted time in any of the Wachau Valley's towns, we can accommodate you for an additional fee. Just let your driver know and you will be able to stay for a few hours more in Durnstein or Melk.

What to visit in Durstein

Kuernriger Castle

Probably the most sought-after attraction in Durstein, the ruins of the Kuernriger Castle overlook the entirety of Durnstein and the surrounding valley. Be sure to take your hiking shoes with you since the castle is located at the top of a steep hill.

Sift Durnstein

The white and blue colors of this church are supposed to represent heaven, while the yellow and gray colors of the abbey are supposed to represent earth. This abbey is very famous due to its iconic blue tower.

What to visit in Melk

Melk Benedictine Abbey

The Melk Benedictine Abbey is probably one of most exquisite Baroque churches in Austria. This enormous abbey has several buildings and a total of seven courtyards. Its west-end features the church with the famous twin towers.

Suggested schedule and tour itinerary:

Traveling from Prague to Vienna via Durnstein and Melk:

8:30 pick up in Prague
11:30 Arrival to Durnstein
11:30 - 13:30 Sightseeing in Durnstein, it is possible to have lunch in the Old Town
13:45 Departure towards Melk
14:15 Sightseeing in Melk with or without local guide (tickets are paid extra on the spot)
16:45 Departure from Melk to Vienna
18:45 arrival to Vienna

Pick up point in Prague:

At the hotel: the driver will meet you at the hotel lobby
At the apartment: the driver will be waiting in front of the building
Other: to be agreed
During the sightseeing: you can leave the luggage in the car / minivan, the driver will stay with the car, your luggage will be safe and you can enjoy the sightseeing without any hassle.


Prices includes VAT, diesel, wage of the driver, car rental, all fees and taxes. The tip for the driver is not included, however the driver will never seek for the tip. Tipping is voluntary. The payment can be done in CZK, EUR, USD or credit card. The credit card payment is made in Czech currency according to current payment policy. The parking fees are included.

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Photos of Melk and Durnstein

Sightseeing in Durnstein
Tour of Melk

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