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Tour 57 - sightseeing transfer from Prague to Krakow with a 4-hour stop in Auschwitz

The trip from Prague to Krakow is almost 6 hours long. Stopping along the way is essential if you want to split your trip into two shorter ones. With this package you will stop at the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp in Poland, and learn more about its horrendous history and how World War II shaped the country.

The sightseeing transfer with stop at Auschwitz for 4 hours offers enough time to go on one of its many guided tours. There are English tours available, as well as tours in other European languages. Auschwitz is a very popular location for thousands of tourists on daytrips from Krakow, and from other nearby cities. There are dozens of tours running simultaneously and, on busy days, more than 30 000 people may walk through the camp grounds. Since Auschwitz is very, very busy, everything is pretty tightly run. Upon arrival, you need to sign up for a tour time. Shortly before your tour begins you are handed a headset which will transmit everything your guide is saying while you walk through the camp.

The tour will take you through the dormitories, where you will see the profile of its former prisoners. You will see the wall where thousands of prisoners were executed, the house of the camp commandant, the gallows, and the gas chambers. The human remains and the old clothes and shoes make this trip one that could easily turn your stomach.

After the tour of Auschwitz camp, the driver will take you to Birkenau. Birkenau is more open and not as overloaded as Auschwitz. Here you will be able to see the different train tracks that meet their final stop at the gates and learn more about the history of this section of the camp.

We understand that this tour may have a bigger impact on more sensitive individuals and that they might want to leave Auschwitz earlier than the agreed-upon time. If that is your case, do not worry. We will accommodate you and leave Auschwitz when you wish to do so. If, however, you would like to stay more time in Auschwitz to learn more about its history, it is possible to do so as well. Just let your driver know and you will be able to stay at Auschwitz for longer than previously agreed. This service incurs an additional fee. During the 4-hour stop passengers are free to explore Auschwitz and to go on guided tours on their own. Your bags will be safely secured in the car while the driver looks after them. After the allotted time has passed, you will be back on your trip to Krakow.

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Suggested schedule:

Traveling from Prague to Krakow via Auschwitz (Oswieczim):

8:00 pick up in Prague
12:45 drop of in Auschwitz at the car park near the main entrance
We allow up to 4 hours sightseeing time in the cost of the transfer package
16:45 departure from Auschwitz towards Krakow
18:00 arrival to Krakow (drop off at the hotel or at the Krakow airport)

Pick up points in Prague:

At the hotel: the driver will meet you at the hotel lobby
At the apartment: the driver will be waiting in front of the building
Other: to be agreed
In Auschwitz: the driver will meet you at the central park near the main entrance in Auschwitz park as well as in Birkenau


Prices includes VAT, diesel, wage of the driver, car rental, all fees and taxes. The tip for the driver is not included, however the driver will never seek for the tip. Tipping is voluntary. The payment can be done in CZK, EUR, USD or credit card. The credit card payment is made in Czech currency according to current payment policy. Parking fees in Auschwitz are included in the price of the sightseeing transfer.

Photos of Auschwitz and Birkenau

tour of concentration camp
WWII work camp tour

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