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List of all sightseeing transfers

Tour 42 - double sightseeing transfer from Munich to Prague via Flossenburg and Pilsen

Flossenburg was a WWII Nazi concentration camp built in May 1938 by the SS MEAO (Main Economic and Administrative Office). It was built near the Czech border close to the granite mines. Originally the camp was built as a work station for prisoners. Its original idea was not the typical humilation like in the other extermination concentration camps e.g. Auschwitz, Treblinka or Buchenwald. The prison was originally intended for criminal and asocial prisoners. The camp was liberated by the US forces in April 1945. Around 30000 people died in the Flossenburg concentration camp, over 100 000 prisoners passed through the gates of the camp.

The stop in Flossenburg can include visit of the camp as well as the adjacent town. We often combine the trip to Flossenburg with a side trip to Pilsen to maximize the day travel experience.

Plzen also known as Pilsen is the home of PIlsner Urquell Beer. The so called "Pilsner beer" gave name to almost 90% of the world beer production. Pilsen is located about 1 hour away from German border on the way to Prague. Tours of the brewery can be booked at the official brewery website. It is recommended to book the tour in advance. The departure from Prague can be amended according to the tour time, thus we will arrive to the brewery in time of the tour. The tour of Pilsen Urquell takes about 100 minutes. After the tour we usually have lunch in local SPILKA Restaurant. There are plenty of Czech dishes on the menu. E.g. goulash, beef sirloin, pork sirloin as well as other specialties such as baked goose or duck with dumplings or potato pancakes.

Those who are not interested in the brewery tour can enjoy historical city center. Travelers with children will appreciate the option to go to Pilsen Zoo and Dinopark. Total waiting time in the tour package is 5 hours, which is usually split 3 hours in Pilsen and 2 hours in Flossenburg. Timing can be amended to your likings.

Suggested schedule:

Traveling from Munich to Prague via Flossenburg and Pilsen:

9:00 pick up in Munich
11:45 drop of in Flossenburg br> 11:45 - 13:45 sightseeing in Flossenburg - ruined castle, town center and concentration camp
13:45 departure from Flossenburg towards Plzen
14:45 arrival to Plzen, drop off by the brewery or city center near the Marriott hotel
14:45 - 17:45 sightseeing in Plzen
17:45 departure from Pilsen
18:45 arrival to Prague

The itinerary can be tailored to your likings. Let us know your preference, or agree with the driver along the way. It is possible to spend some time in the Flossenburg village so see the country side and the ruined Castle, should you not want to spend all the time exploring the concentration and work camp Flossenburg. Agree with the driver about this option too.

Pick up points in Munich:

At the hotel: the driver will meet you at the hotel lobby
At the apartment: the driver will be waiting in front of the building
Other: to be agreed
In Flossenburg: the driver will meet you at the central park
In Pilsen: by the brewery at the central car park or by the Marriott in Pilsen town center


Prices includes VAT, diesel, wage of the driver, car rental, all fees and taxes. The tip for the driver is not included, however the driver will never seek for the tip. Tipping is voluntary. The payment can be done in CZK, EUR, USD or credit card. The credit card payment is made in Czech currency according to current payment policy. Parking fees in Flossenburg and Pilsen are included in the price of the sightseeing transfer.

Booking the scenic transfer Munich - Flossenburg - Plzen - Prague:

book Munich Flossenburg Plzen  Prague

Photos of Pilsen, Flossenburg and Munich

Munich city
Full view of the concentration camp
Pyramid of the Ashes
watch towers of Flossenburg
watch tower and Nazi building
Brewery tour in Pilsen
Sightseeing in Pilsen
Beer tasting in Plzen brewery

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