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Provide first class door-to-door taxi between Prague and other cities. For reasonable price passengers get business class transportation services and travel comfort. Save money on transfers between hotels, train stations or airports, not to mention valuable time as we leave according to your schedule!


Sightseeing transport from Prague to Budapest (or vice versa) via Bratislava

Bratislava is the capital of Slovak Republic. It is situated about half way from Prague to Budapest (a bit closer to Budapest). Bratislava is ideal stop on the way between Prague and Budapest to split the trip into two shorter parts. The historical center of Bratislava is inviting to many cafes and restaurants, it is a great city to walk around. The city center is much smaller than e.g. Prague center, especially because of the size it is perfect to stop even if you have only a few hours. The package includes 4 hours stop. Passengers are dropped off in the city center and are on their own to walk around Bratislava city center. It is possible to use the car to drive to the Bratislava Castle or to the famous U.F.O. Restaurant. The baggage can be kept safe in the car. We are able to organize a private guide to accompany you in Bratislava. The minimum hire is 2 hours. The tour of Bratislava can be done by car or on foot. The car can be used without any surcharge, the guide is paid extra according to current season rates. For more details, please let us know in the "additional information" field of the booking form.

Bratislava is not too far from Parndorf shopping outlet and only 40 minutes drive away from Vienna. It is possible to stop in Parndorf and Vienna on the way to Prague. Of course there is a little extra cost. To maximize the trip efficiency of the trip between Prague and Budapest it is not a bad idea to do additional stops. If you are interested in visiting Parndorf and Vienna, let us know in the "additional information" on the booking form too.

It is possible to start the tour in Budapest or in Prague.

Suggested schedule:

Traveling from Prague to Budapest via Bratislava:

8:00 pick up in Prague
11:30 drop of in Bratislava for sightseeing
15:30 leave Bratislava and drive via Gyor to Budapest
18:00 arrival to Budapest

Traveling from Budapest to Prague via Bratislava

8:00 pick up in Budapest
11:00 arrival to Bratislava
15:00 leave Bratislava and drive to Prague via Brno
18:00 arrival to Prague

Pick up points:

At the hotel: the driver will meet you at the hotel lobby
At the apartment: the driver will be waiting in front of the building
Other: to be agreed
In Bratislava: the driver will agree with you where to meet, when you finish your tour of Bratislava; if you carry your cell phone, the driver will provide his direct number so you can amend the pick up time and location anytime.


Prices includes VAT, diesel, wage of the driver, car rental, all fees and taxes. The tip for the driver is not included, however the driver will never seek for the tip. Tipping is voluntary. The payment can be done in CZK, EUR, USD or credit card. The credit card payment is made in Czech currency according to current payment policy.

Booking the scenic transfer Prague - Bratislava - Budapest:

Book the transportation - Prague Bratislava Budapest

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